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The Leader of Expeditions First woman in the world to complete
expeditions to the North and South Poles
in less than six months!
Северный полюс

The 1st Expedition was taken to North Pole on 27.08-08.09.2005.
The ice-breaker “Jamal” took Evdokija Dmitrievna Marchenko and 88 people to the farthest northern point of the planet. What does the individual feel when all the Earth is rotating underneath and “all meridians are running” to feet and toes? «The most spectacular thing during the journey to North Pole was definitely the time…»

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Южный полюс

The 2nd Expedition was taken to South Pole on 7-26.12.2005
Six people took part in the Expedition. They visited the cleanest continent in the centre of which there is a flourishing mind. Evdokija Dmitrievna called that expedition «the expedition to future which a human being is capable to develop on his own».

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3rd Expedition - around the Earth along the Equator
7.05 – 21.05.2006
7 participants in this expedition of altogether in two weeks overcame the distance
of 53 575 km. Total time in flight - 72 hours. Accomplishing flights through the islands
and continents - towards the revolving Earth, Yevdokia Dmitrievna, wrapped up
planet by time.

0-180 Меридиан

4th Expedition - along 0°and 180 ° Meridians.
17.11 – 13.12.2007
At the head of the five members of this flight Evdokia Dmitrievna went to places where time begins and where it changes its course, takes man from the present into the future.
"What a man feels when one foot is in the future?"

Photo Exhibition taken during Unique Expedition to South and North Poles in Toronto from 12 to 23 december 2009
Марченко Е.Д.

Member of the Authors and Publicists International Association

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Psychology

Grand Doctor of Philosophy of the European Academy of Information (I'Academie Europeenne d'informatisation A.E.I.) of Belgium